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What is a Calcified Tooth?

Medford, OR
Posted on 1/25/2021 by Dr. Burnham
Dentist looking for a calcified tooth at Rogue Valley Dental Center.Not many people have heard of a calcified tooth. If you find out during a dental checkup appointment that you have a calcified tooth, you do not need to be alarmed. Dr. Taucher and Dr. Burnham at Rogue Valley Dental Center can easily treat a calcified tooth.

However, you may be wondering what calcified tooth is and what causes it.

What is a Calcified Tooth?

A calcified tooth is also called calcific metamorphosis or pulp canal obliteration. Although you may find these names alarming, a calcified tooth is not a condition that requires emergency care.

A calcified tooth may be formed when a tooth suffers a severe injury. This can cause your root canal space, which contains the soft dental pulp, to become filled with calcified tissue.

About 25% of all teeth that receive trauma become partially or completely calcified.

In some cases, a calcified tooth may become black or yellow. However, sometimes, a calcified tooth shows no other type of symptoms, which is why it is important to keep your regular dental checkups.

How is a Calcified Tooth Treated?

At Rogue Valley Dental Center, Dr. Taucher and Dr. Burnham can take an x-ray of the tooth and determine whether the pulp chamber is partially or completely invisible. The root canal may also look narrower or may become invisible because of the development of hard tissue.
In many cases, a calcified tissue is not problematic, which means treatment may not be necessary. However, you may need to get it fixed if:

•  The tooth becomes dark or discolored: In this case, we may recommend a cosmetic procedure to restore the white appearance of your tooth.
•  The tooth becomes infected: In many cases, the pulp in the inner chamber of the tooth may also become infected. If this is the case, you can restore the tooth with a root canal treatment.

If you suffer a blow to your mouth, make sure you schedule an urgent appointment with us so that we can check if any of your teeth is damaged. If your tooth does get calcified, Dr. Taucher and Dr. Burnham have the training necessary to treat a calcified tooth.

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